Sunday Worship Service | 1:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study | 7:00pm


  1. Who is the pastor. I know the church from years ago and I don’t recognize him I’m very curious if I could give that if I can have the pleasure of knowing thank you I mean is it into some of the long time congregation

    • Hello, Paul Metille is the Asst. Pastor, and has taken over many of the pastoral duties here. If you would like to reach out his phone number is (907)398-9449 and you can email him at You can also find his contact information on the Contact page, which can be found at the top right of the homepage of our website.

  2. Great teaching. Touched my spirit. You are right there is a bond created when someone is filled wit the Holy Spirit. One of my favorite memories is in your church when I was filled with the Spirit at 9 years old. Both you and Lynn were there praying with me. Beautiful! Thank you for the word and awesome teaching. God is good! 🙌❤️

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