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Acts Bible Study 4/1/20

Question for 4/1/20

2. Before delving deeper into verses 2 through 47, please read Acts 7:48-53 and Hebrews chapter 11. Summarize your thoughts on these verses and chapter 11 of Hebrews.

With these scriptures in mind, in what ways do the following people and events relate to verses Acts 7:51-53?
D) Acts 7:30-41,: Moses and the Hebrews in the wilderness. Does anything else stand out in Stephen’s account?

3) Notice the time that passes between the events in verse 41 and those in verses 42-43. Briefly describe what happened in lsrael during that time period.

FOR APRIL 8, 2020: Study Acts 7:44-49

4. Stephen made Go6’s relationship to the Tempre crear to his accusers.
A) What is important about the Tabernacle in the wilderness?
B) Why was the Temple built by Solomon instead of David?
C) What should we understand about God’s relationship to the Temple from these verses? What do these verses mean for us today?


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