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Wednesday Bible Study | 7:00pm

Buck Martin

The Shepherd’s Staff

May 1, 2019

We once again look forward to honoring our Godly mother on Mother’s Day this month. We have been taught from God’s word about the righteous attributes and character of a virtuous woman and mother. The mothers that fulfill these guidelines from God’s word in Proverbs 31:10-31 are a true blessing to our Lord, and a blessing to their husbands and children as well. Their children will greatly benefit by their example and teachings and nurturing which will have a lifetime effect upon them. A mother has a unique opportunity to shape and influence the life of the child they are raising. This is a serious responsibility. Mothers commit to this responsibility when they dedicate this precious child back to God shortly after birth. Mothers who fulfill the attributes and character of a Godly woman and the responsibilities of motherhood are rewarded by the lasting love, respect and honor from all who are influenced by their lives. Someday they will stand before our Lord Jesus as He tells them well done, surrounded by those who have been blessed by their life as a Godly woman. Continue to walk this pathway that leads to everlasting glory and eternal joy.

Please remember our two graduating high school seniors; Kortney Birch and James Anderson. We are so proud of their accomplishments and pray they will be rewarded for their eforts as they enter young adulthood. Our Sunday night service on May 5, 2019 will start a little later (6:00pm) so taht we all have the opportunity to attend James’ graduation. Wednesday night service on May 22, 2019 will be cancelled so that we all have the opportunity to attend Kortney’s graduation as we celebrate both of our graduates at their special times. 

May the Lord Jesus bless each of you greatly and continue in the knowledge of your sanctification by communion.

Your Pastor,